Iron-Mig 221 Multi


  • Description:
    Compact lightweight and practical design makes the portable 230V IRON MIG 221 – 221P ideally suited for all site-work and workshop applications.
    Both models 221 and 22P LCD synergic technology provide for speedy selection of material thickness for welding.
    A large clear user-freindly Digital Screen provides the operator with coherent parameter information. All parameters are displayed on the LCD screen to guide the operator through
    set-up and welding.
    The function MULTISPOT, is a welding method which combines a pulse-arc with a pre-set time .
    Possibility to set both the welding time and the pause time separately.

  • Technical Details:
    Welding Current 35% (25°C) 200 A
    Welding Current 100% (25°C) 140 A
    Welding Current 25% (40°C) 200 A
    Welding Current 60% (40°C) 140 A
    Welding Current 100% (40°C) 120 A

  • Materials:
    • Mild Steels
    • Stainless Steels
    • Castings

  • Welding process:
    • Mig/Mag Welding
    • Tig DC Lift start Welding
    • Electrode Welding

  • Environments:
    • Light Fabrications
    • Automotive Industries
    • Special Maintenance
    • Ordinary Maintenance
    • Workshops
    • Installers

  • Main Features:
    • LCD Display
    • Synergic
    • Inverter Technology
    • 5/15 kgs Spool
    • Flux Cored welding
    • Spot Mig