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Some shots during the Metal Machinery Fair 9-11 / 11/2018. We thank our partner for the collaboration.

Some pics of our customer with Fe P11. We would like to say thank you to our customer. Work performed with STEL MAX 403 + TOP 504 XM Pulse.

Some pics of our customer with Fe P11. We would like to say thank you to our customer. High Pressure Hydraulic Piston. Full round Diameter 110 mm in Fe P11 thickness 50 mm Wire KW5 d.1,2mm. Work performed with STEL

Some pics of our customer with special materials like Inconel®. We would like to say thank you to our customer. 4mm thick sheet metal head butt joint. Material SMO 254. Inconel® filler material 1.2mm wire. Work performed with STEL MAX

Supply of 10 Iron Mig 201 to end user in Dubai through our partner for the territory of the United Arab Emirates. Special thanks to Mr. Basanth.

Creation of a go kart prototype for Children made by Florence Design Academy of Florence with our Iron-Mig 221P. We thank Mr. Robert Malagrino for the photos.

Some shots of our partner WROZAS Sp. Z o.o. in Poland during the repair of a digger bucket. Welding performed with MAX 403 + TOP 504 XM at 300 Amp.

Special Thanks to our partner FIORENTINI 3. Delivery and installation of 24 Max 403 XM and Max 503 XM welders.

Some photos with our partner CIMTEC during the EXPOMIN Fair held in Santiago Chile from 23rd to 27th April 2018. Fair dedicated to machinery and equipment for mines. Website ExpoMin:

Metalworking. Welding-Ural expo’ 2018 Thanks to our partner PTK PROPROMTECHKOMPLECT, LTD.

Video from our partner Peter Zila This video shows the full refurbish, removal, sandblast, weld, add rail, paint and reinstall of a 80 ft truck scale – 4 sections @ almost 20′ each. Welding obtained using our Iron-Mig 201.

We thank our partner Welding Srl and Omnia Group for showing our products at the Traspoday fair in Caserta March 15th to March 18th 2018.

Some shots during the training in our company in Poland Wrozas. Also moro photos “onsite” for the Max 403 and Iron Mig 221P during the repair of a pipe.

Special thanks to Mr. Davide from Chieti, owner of the Good Guys Garage, who sends us some photos of his workshop and the new Iron Mig 221P.   Welding with NOT Pulsed Mode on Steel 4mm with d.0,8mm wire and

Special Thanks to our Friend Marian.  Everythings created with Tig dp 181H and Iron-Mig 221P. Cusi 3

Special Thanks to Mr. Peter Zila. Welding with Iron Mig 221P running 1.2mm gas shielded flux cored wire with 75/25 gas in manual mode Welded and modified a portable concrete pump. A 3/4” (19mm) plate welded on the end of

29.08-01.09.2017 Katowice, Fiera Internazionale delle Miniere, Energie e Metalli. Alcune foto dal nostro partner Wrozas Sp.z o.o.

Great interest for the latest news at STEL’s Stand during the Düsseldorf Trade Fair SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN. The new products presented were: IRON-MIG 303P S MAX 603 XXM TIG uP 303H AC/DC MAX 403 Navy with Suitcase Synergic & Pulse.If you missed

The location of the job is Beloit, Wisconsin USA. It this plant they makes liquid Nitrogen and liquid Oxygen a they load it on refrigerated tanker trucks. The trucks are loaded while they are sitting on a scale. They create

Visit US! We are welcome to invite you at Essen Fair in Düsseldorf from 25th to 29th of September 2017. You can find us at Hall 9 Booth c61. All informations here:

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of TAGLIATI SRL, an open house was organized at the historic headquarters with the best partners of the company. Stel participated with his own stand where it was possible to try our products

The turbine was made by Alstom in 1983, it is 12 MW. The machine is TIG dp 221 HPA AC/DC, welded at around 160-180A in DC mode, gas argon 5.0, TIG rod was nickel alloy. It lasted around 7 hours

In collaboration with our American Partner HTP Weld Inc. a video about the incredible potential of the MAX dp 201C. Special Thanks to Mr. Peter Zila and ChuckE2009.

Some pics during Mining Fair in San Peterburg. Special Thanks to our partner PTK.

Our partner Peter Zila is struggling with an aluminum tank to be repaired and he will use the MAX 403S on aluminum wire AlMg5 d.1,2mm. We report below the whole videos.  

Some shots during the open house from 6th to 7th of April at Baccarelli and Gas Technologies at the Roccafiore Wine Cellar.  

Stel wish an Happy Easter to all his customers and partners. Special Thanks to Mr. Marian Fricke    

MetalWorking Welding fair in Ekaterinburg from 21-24 of march 2017.

Welding with CuSi3 1mm wire with Pulse Mode at Maximum Power in continuous welding for 12 hours.

A happy greeting by our Polish Branch Company Wrozas. Thanks to Mr. Mariusz

Some pics of the fair “Metal work and Welding Show” Krasnoyarsk, Siberia from 1-3 February 2017. Special thanks to our Russian Partner PTK.

We are proud to announce the new partnership with our Indian partners WeldIndia. The large Weldindia experience in the welding industry will make an important contribution to the growth of STEL that from today will be present in a new

Dear Customers, you can download the new Stel Catalogue 2017 with the new range of products. Click here

Flux-Cored welding with 0,9mm welding wire without gas for Iron-Mig 221P. Special Thanks to Mr. Peter of ZILA Industrial Repairs USA for the great video.  

Some shots during the setting up of 10pcs of MAX 403 Pulsed / Double Pulsed versione with separate wire feeder with 10m watercooled interconnecting cables. Welding with Aluminum and Iron for trailers contructions. Special Thanks to RIVA OSSIGENO for the partnership.

An other new great video from Mr.Peter of ZILA Industrial Repairs USA about general setup of the new Iron-Mig 221p.

Here below you can found the aluminum setep for the new the Iron-Mig 221P. Special Thanks to Mr. Peter of ZILA Industrial Repairs USA for the great video. Aluminum Welding Checklist: IRON-MIG 221P (Pulse Version) Argon 100% Aluminum KIT 3m Mig Torch Wire

Some pics taken from our customer with the MAX dp 201C connected via motor generator.

Thanks to ZILA Industrial Repairs for testing Iron-MIg 221P with 0,5mm thick Aluminium Cola Bottle! Incredible with a MIG Machine!

Some pics of our technician Jhonny Reyes Montoya in Colombia. Welding 4mm Electrode with MAX 223C Pipeline. e.

Precision Pipe-Welding to the highest standards in the Petro-Chem industry,  UK. Using Stel MAX 403 XM in Double Pulse Modus, and Stel TIG dp 221Hpa AC/DC 1phase.

Stel has updated the certification C.S.A. International ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for the 2016 and 2017. Our production line is approved by CSA International (based on ISO / IEC 17025: 2005) for export to North America. While our technical officehas been Certified ISO / IEC

Dear Customers you can download the new Stel Catalogue 2016 with the new range of products. Click here Stel Welding Division Everywhere with you  

TSP Cycle Farm Italy, is a superior manufacturer of customized bicycles with a customer base that extends to all four corners of the world. STEL and TSP have a longstanding business partnership, and both partners share that same true passion of hyping

In cooperation with our Polish partner Wrozas, Stel has presented the 1st plasma with IP54 protection, specific for the mines. The Thor 93 ATX IP 54 has been awarded with the 1st prize for the most innovated product, presented at

September 08, 2015 – September 11, 2015 The International Fair of Mining, Power Industry and Metallurgy has a 30 year old tradition and its organized biennially in Katowice the capital of Polish mining industry. You can find our company at

Some pics of our technician Jhonny Reyes Montoya in Colombia. Welding 4mm Electrode with MAX 223C Pipeline.

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STEL MAX 403 SM being successfully commissioned in accordance with EN 1090 procedures for construction projects in Southern Ireland. Special Thanks to Welders Equipment.

Some pics of our Customer Chris at Foundry 3 working his magic on a DSM T3 Twin Scroll manifold all tacked up and ready to weld using the best welder in the world – The TIG dp 221Hpa. You can